Manhattan Electrical Emergency

Even in the great Big Apple, a Manhattan Electrical Emergency is sure to happen at some point.  This can happen just to your home, small business (large business), neighborhood, or the whole island!  Know what to do and who to call during an electrical emergency by reading on!

Manhattan Electrical Emergency

Assess the Situation

The first thing to do when noticing a power outage is to asses the situation.  Is all of your power out, or only the power going to a few outlets or light fixtures?  If only one room or part of the building seems to be experiencing the issues, there may be an internal problem and the need for an experienced electrician!  Potential internal electrical problems, if gone unchecked can sometimes lead to electrical fires, so be sure to consider this an emergency, even if it only affects a small area of your workspace.

If all of the power in your building is out, check around to surrounding buildings to see if they too are out.  If they are, you can probably pretty quickly identify if there was some type of accident causing a fuse to blow for the whole block, or something to that effect.  Tune in to your local radio to check the facts or call your local emergency personnel.  In this case, you may just have to wait it out, as the problem has stemmed from a “higher order.”

Speaking of “higher powers,” the most common Manhattan electrical emergencies occur during or after a severe storm.  Particularly in hurricane season, we all know the devastation that can occur when a storm surge pulls into New York City areas.  Flooding is one of the  biggest causes of electrical emergencies, because, well, water and electricity just don’t mix.  Because all of the main power to buildings in the city is underground, the city will some times turn off power to subway stations, etc. in areas that are sure to be affected by a storm surge or flooding.  This is another situation that is just not really under your control.

BUT if the Manhattan Electrical Emergency is of the first type listed here, it can be fixed as soon as possible, so why wait?  In addition, if you are experiencing the second or third scenarios listed above, it is important to schedule a professional electrical assessment after the fact to be sure all of the “ducks are in a row” for your home or business electrical units and lighting fixtures.  Truly some of the greatest damage done to an electrical system is during a surge when the power that went out returns all at the same time.  So the first thing to do (after writing down the number listed below to call in your emergency) is be sure to turn off all but one or two small lights during a power outage, so when it goes back on, there is no surge.  Call Conquest Electric today for more information about storm surge protectors, and plans that you can have in place during an electrical emergency!


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