Manhattan 24/7 Electrical Repair

It is always a good idea to have a reliable Manhattan 24/7 electrical repair company to call in the event of an electrical emergency. Electrical issues don’t wait for a convenient time to rear their ugly heads, and you can quickly find yourself and your family with no power, dangerous electrical sparks, or bad wiring.  If these issues are not attended to by a knowledgable Manhattan 24/7 electrical repair company ASAP, you run the dangerous risk of an electrical fire.  Here are some great tips to ensure that your family is safe and secure in the event of a serious electrical emergency.

Manhattan 24/7 Electrical Repair – What to do in the event an emergency:

Dangerous Electrical Fires

In the event of an electrical fire, the first thing to remember is never to throw water on the fire. Unlike a regular fire, water can make an electrical fire much worse and cause it to spread. Instead of using water, try a fire extinguisher (you should always keep one handy).  If you are in the position to can safely turn off the power or disconnect whatever caused the problem only do s if you can do it safely.

Once you get the fire to die out, throw away all faulty appliances and have your electrical system inspected by a licensed Manhattan 24/7 electrical repair company.  This will insure that the electrical system is not the culprit, but that it was an appliance.

A great way to avoid damage id to ensure that a smoke detector is installed in every room of your house. Additionally, develop a plan with your family so everybody knows what to do in the event of a fire.

Live Exposed Electrical Wires

If you see any live wires that fall down, make sure to call a professional right away. These wires can may cause electrocution if contact is made with them.  Keep far away from fallen wires and contact a reliable electrical supply company as soon as you can.  If the the problem is inside your house, internal problem in your home, you may be responsible for calling an electrician to repair the source of the problem even if it is effecting other houses in your community.  (This is a great reason to have a 24/7 electrical repairs company number on hand!)

Electrocution By Electrical Shock

Electrocution inside homes is much more common than people think. Always make sure to have all outlets covered if you have children around.  If an individual does happen to contact with a live electrical source, never touch the person. Instead calmly yet quickly cut the power to the source off.  You can do that either at the source or at the main power switch to your home.  Always seek out medical attention afterwards, even if the person claims to be fine.

Manhattan 24/7 Electrical Repair – Call Conquest Electric!

Conquest Electric has a large team of highly trained contractors in each of the New York Area boroughs ready to respond to your emergency!  They will help with any issues resulting from improper power distribution, light and controls, and will help provide generators and more!

Rest easy knowing that your family is safe and will be taken care of during an electrical emergency by keeping Conquest Electric on call!


Manhattan 24/7 Electrical Repair