Manhattan 24/7 Emergency Electrical Services

Know who to call for Manhattan 24/7 emergency electrical services! An electrical emergency is no joke and can leave your family with no power, dangerous electrical sparks, or bad wiring. An electrical fire can happen if the problem isn’t quickly and efficiently contained by a professional. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to be sure your family is safe during an electrical emergency.

Manhattan 24/7 Emergency Electrical Services – What to do during an emergency:

Electrical Fires

In case of an electrical fire, be sure to never throw water on the fire, as this can severely exacerbate the situation. A multi-purpose fire extinguisher would be a better option, and should always be kept handy somewhere in the home. If you can safely turn off the power or disconnect the faulty appliance, do so, but only if you can safely.

Afterwards, dispose of all faulty appliances and get the electrical outlets and installations checked by a licensed electrician. This will insure that the outlet and power source are not the issue, but that it was the appliance itself that went bad.

Always be prepared with a smoke detector working in all rooms of your home. Also be sure that all members of your family know what to do in the case of a fire (of varying types) and know the best routes to safety outside of your home.

Fallen Electrical Wires

If you come upon any electrical wires that have fallen down, especially those on your property or around other power lines in the area, they may be live and active. That means they may cause electrocution if contacted inappropriately. Stay away from all wires and call your local electrical supply company immediately. If there is an internal problem in your home, you may be responsible for calling an electrician to repair the source of the problem. (Just another reason why having a great 24/7 electrical repairs company phone number on hand is essential!)

Electrical Shock

Electrocution by means of an electrical source in the home is very common. Be sure to have all of the best safety stoppers in place if there are small children around. If a person in your home comes in contact with a live electrical source, do not touch the person, but turn the power to the source off. You can do that either at the source or at the main power switch to your home. Be sure to seek medical attention afterwards, even if the person seems to feel fine.
Manhattan 24/7 Emergency Electrical Services – Call Conquest Electric!
Conquest Electric has a large team of highly trained contractors in each of the New York Area boroughs ready to respond to your emergency! They will help with any issues resulting from improper power distribution, light and controls, and will help provide generators and more!

Rest easy knowing that your family is safe and will be taken care of during an electrical emergency by keeping Conquest Electric on call!