Importance of Maintaining your Commercial Space

Maintenance can seem like an oddly monthly cost but the satisfaction of knowing all operations are working properly can be the difference between a succesful business week and having construction during open, working hours, IF the damage was not severe and you were able to open.

Being proactive and having a technition inspect the facility may just save you from problems such as, signage and outdoor fixture light bulbs burning out leaving your patrons in a dark and unsafe zone. Its very important to have well-lit parking lots and exterior spaces for the overall safety & security of your facility.

A properly designed, installed, and maintained exterior lighting is crucial for the safety and comfort of your clients and employees.

This is especially true for retail spaces, where warm & friendly lighting sets the tone for the “customer experience”.

Conquest offers expert exterior lighting installation, maintenance, and repair.

This includes:

  • Parking-lot light poles
  • Neon, fluorescent, or LED signage
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Electrical service

We also offer 24/7 emergency services for your exterior commercial lighting and parking-lot lighting needs.