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Having a great Manhattan electrician on call is important to insure the quickest repairs for all of your needs!  Even if you are a Mr. Fix It yourself, there are some residential electrical repairs that should just not be tried on your own!  Electrical shock is no joke, so be sure to call a trustworthy Manhattan electrician for any of the following issues!

When to Call a Great Manhattan Electrician

Here are some of the most common repairs you may need that you should definitely NOT try on your own:

1.  Mind your breaker box.

The only thing an unexperienced person should be doing with their breaker box is resetting a tripped breaker.  If there are any service lugs that need adjusted, it is absolutely essential that you leave that up to a professional!  It is important to know that even when the main breakers are turned to the “off” position, parts of the breaker  box are still energized, or “hot”.  That means that they are carrying an electrical charge and are capable of hurting you, badly.  There is a lot to know about safe handling a service panel or breaker box, so don’t take the chance and call a professional!

2. Say “NO!” to the Service Mast

The service mast is often a metal pole connecting your home to the nearest utility power pole.  It can also be referred to as the weathered or the periscope.  This service mast can transmit up to 200 amps of power at any given time, so be sure that you do not attempt any work on it at any time!  If this pole is leaning or seems to be in need of some bolt tightenings etc., call a Manhattan electrician in place of trying to correct it yourself!

3.  Wiring

Cutting the power to any and all sources of electricity in your home, office, or wherever you are planning to wire or rewire is essential if you value your life and well-being, even a little.  The trick to wiring or rewiring anything, though, is in knowing exactly what power needs to be cut to and from the sources at hand.  Wiring can be tricky business, and a poor wiring job can lead to electrical fires or the need for more work later on.  If you have any wiring or rewiring to do, be sure that you at least consult with a professional before attempting, so you can be sure all of the power is off and you are safe to carry on your business!

4.  Call a professional electrician for ALL electrical repairs.

That’s right, even the seemingly small ones.  One a certified electrician is really qualified or suited to be working on electrical equipment such as appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. or electric or hybrid cars.  Even if you have some fix-it experience in these areas, once you introduce electricity to the mix, the risk of injury or even death skyrockets.  Be sure you know what you are getting into before attempting any repairs on something that uses electricity at any point.  Also lean to the side of extra caution by calling an electrician, at least for advice.

Conquest Electric is your one stop shop for all of your Manhattan Electrician needs!  From residential to commercial, design to maintenance, Conquest Manhattan Electricians provide even the best 24/7 emergency services!  If it’s an electric need, we will meet it!  Call today!

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